4 Powerful Ways to Find Members for Your Mastermind

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It can be tough to find the right people to join your mastermind group, especially if you’re looking to work with people who are just as driven and motivated as you are. If you’re looking to grow your business with the help of other successful entrepreneurs, try implementing these four methods into your search for new members. Doing so will make it easier than ever to find the right people, without wasting time or losing any opportunities in the process. Your business will thank you!

1) Start an online conversation

One of my favorite ways to find new members is by simply starting an online conversation with them. If you have a specific idea that you’re looking for people who can help bring it to life, start a conversation on social media or your own website with a few questions about their experience, thoughts and concerns. Ask if they’d be interested in joining your mastermind group. You’ll never know unless you ask! You can also ask potential members for referrals as well.

2) Target people you want to meet in person

Ask people you’ve met online, or at business-related events and meetups, if they’d be interested in participating in your mastermind. You can even ask your existing members if they have friends who might be interested in joining. Be sure to let them know why you think they should join—give them specific reasons on how being a part of your mastermind will help them advance their career or grow their business.

3) Ask friends who their most connected friends are

One of your best bets is simply asking your friends: Hey, do you know anyone else who knows a lot about X? I’m looking to join a mastermind on that topic. This has a dual benefit: One, it brings one more person into your potential mastermind group; and two, it also gives you an opportunity to vet that new prospect.

4) Go where the action is

As cliché as it sounds, you really do have to be where your prospects are in order to find them. For example, if you’re going after a health/fitness niche (or any niche that revolves around a club or a group), get involved with that group or club in some way. Attend events or host your own, offering something of value at these gatherings so people see how helpful you can be and want to learn more about what you do.

Grow Your Mastermind

Once you’ve gotten your mastermind up and running, it’s time to cultivate an attractive community of like-minded professionals who want to work on their goals together. The value of a mastermind comes in its ability to help you meet other people who are also seeking success (not just their own success—but that of their clients as well). 

Sarah Laws

Sarah Laws

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