9 Ways to Promote Your Mastermind Group

Promote Your Mastermind
Mastermind groups have historically existed in the business world, but they’re becoming more popular in other spheres as well. If you have started or are planning to start your own mastermind group, you may be wondering how to promote it. But first, let’s take a look at what exactly this group is and what it does. A mastermind group, also known as an advisory board or peer advisory board, consists of several people with similar skills and goals who meet regularly in order to share advice and support each other with their projects and businesses.

1) Ask a guest blogger

If you’re already in a mastermind group or you’re starting one, ask a guest blogger to contribute his or her thoughts on that subject. That will help promote your mastermind group and give other entrepreneurs some insight into how groups like yours operate.

2) Create an eBook

An ebook is a great way to promote your mastermind group. Whether you are offering it for free or charging a small fee, an ebook can do wonders for building trust and credibility in your niche. By writing about specific topics that relate to your group, you will increase people’s interest and desire in joining.

3) Create an online course

In order to promote your mastermind group online, you can create an online course that speaks to what members of your mastermind group will gain from joining and participating. By giving them something of value before they join, they’ll be more likely to see what your group can do for them in person. For example, if your mastermind group is based around marketing, you could put together a free class on digital marketing basics or how to use social media for business growth.

4) Interview experts

When it comes to promoting your mastermind group, there’s no better way than word-of-mouth—from experts. Interview a handful of heroes in your field (that you admire and are comfortable asking) and ask them what they think makes a great mastermind group. Ask them what they wish they knew when they started their own groups or what advice would have helped them when starting out.

5) Write an article in a magazine

The easiest way to promote your mastermind group is by writing an in-depth, high-quality article on it. If you’re starting a mastermind group of your own, write an essay with your perspective; if you’re a member of one, write about how joining affected your business. Get interviewed for publication and tell people about how valuable your mastermind group is—and how they can join or start one themselves.

6) Write a blog post series

One of the best ways to promote your mastermind group is by writing a series of posts, such as these: 1) How The XYZ Mastermind group Can Help You, 2) XYZ Is For Every Business Owner, 3) XYZ Can Help You Reach Your Goals, 4) XYZ Offers A Forum For Networking With Other Professionals. This gives readers nine reasons to become part of your mastermind group—nine different opportunities for you to plug away at your goal of spreading awareness about your business or brand.

7) Register with an online directory

Online directories are a quick and easy way to promote your mastermind group. Depending on where you live, there may be local directories you can register with, or you may want to look at listing your business on larger directory sites such as Yelp or Foursquare. Whatever type of directory site you choose, simply sign up and enter some basic information about your mastermind group.

8) Invite readers to watch your recorded live streams

If you run a mastermind group, consider recording and live streaming your meetings. You’ll save time by being able to skip some preparation for meetings since viewers will already be familiar with past topics and discussion threads. This is also a great way to reach more people interested in your topic or niche.

9) Show testimonials on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram

Getting new customers is always a challenge, but there are lots of great ways to attract your target market through testimonials. Testimonials are great for building credibility and showing off what people love about your mastermind group. If you have existing customers who will publicly share their stories about how much they appreciate your services, ask them if they’d be willing to do it on video or social media!
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