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If you think your company or website would be a good fit with this blog, consider purchasing an ad on the site!

Who Can You Reach With Your Ad?

The audience for this site consists of small business owners and entrepreneurs in search of mastermind groups. 

Who Can You Reach With Your Ad?

We limit advertisers to companies that we can strongly recommend to our colleagues. Although we do not necessarily control the ads that come to the site through ad programs such as Google Adsense, we can control private ad placements and feel an ethical responsibility to DexConnects users to not advertise companies that are aligned with our core values and mission.

Types and Cost of Advertising

The going rate for ads varies by amount of traffic, location of ad, and size of ad. Contact for the current rates.

Widget Ads

Widget ads are seen in the right hand sidebar spaces on each page of the blog. The chief benefit of these ads is that they are seen on almost any post or page that a viewer visits. You are essentially buying an ad on the internet for one flat price, either a 410×200 or a 200×200.

In-Content Ads

Ads are also placed within each post published on the site for the month, typically 6 posts are published weekly. One of the main benefits of these ads is that they are seen by regular readers (25,000+ and counting) as they go out via email as well as on the site. In-content ads are limited to two spots per month (one above and one below the fold).

Email Newsletter Sponsorships

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Paying For Ads

The length of advertising varies for each type, ranging from one month to 12 months. We prefer a flat price rather than a pay-per-click arrangement as it makes both your expenses and our revenues predictable in advance. We accept payment by direct deposit or credit card.

Next Step

Contact the DexConnects business manager at with your desired ad size and location for the current rate and availability. Ads need to be in jpg or png format and are usually placed on the site within 24 hours of receipt of payment.
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