How Long Should a Mastermind Program Last?

Mastermind length
A mastermind program (also known as a mastermind group) is an arrangement where you meet regularly with others who share your goals and interests, both online and offline. If you’re already in such a program, the question of how long it should last might be on your mind. How long should you be in a mastermind program? Does it matter? Do they even have an expiration date? Let’s take a look at why you should be in one and what kinds of durations are right for your goals and personal circumstances. After all, not every mastermind program needs to last the same amount of time!

Why Go Longer Than A Year

To get started, let’s look at what a mastermind program is. It’s a group of people with complementary skills and interests who meet regularly to exchange ideas, opportunities, and challenges. Typically, each person in a mastermind completes an individualized goal for themselves, but also contributes to an overall goal for their collective group. Because these are high-performing individuals, they often have more opportunity than they can handle on their own. With all that business potential coming through your door, why wouldn’t you want a mastermind lasting several years instead of just one year? Here are a few reasons you might choose to go longer than 12 months: …(more content)….

Why Shorter Than A Year

My reasoning behind keeping masterminds short is simple: You can’t get a deep enough understanding of how someone else is running their business, or yourself, in a year. Think about it—how do you grow a garden if you only look at plants once a month? There are seasons and changes that take place over time. In order to really grow something, it needs consistent attention (and to be fertilized) over a long period of time. That doesn’t mean my mastermind programs are any less impactful than other year-long ones; I just leave more room for business owners to come back and repeat again later in life when they have greater clarity on what they want out of it.

Finding The Right Balance

When it comes to the length of mastermind programs, the right balance is unique for each group. Some companies prefer shorter-term plans while others thrive in long-term programs with regular sessions that stretch over weeks or months. Finding the right balance can help your program keep everyone engaged and can even lead to more effective results—if your team has time and resources to commit, you have time and resources to find creative solutions. Whether you choose an hour-long session once a week or monthly sessions that last all day, figure out what works best for your company’s culture, vision, and goals. In most cases, it will be somewhere in between!

How long should a mastermind be?

While there is no correct length for a mastermind, some programs last for years. Indeed, many masterminds convene annually in order to stay connected, brainstorm new ideas and keep members engaged. The challenge with annual masterminding sessions is that each session can last less than three hours—so members have time to go over only a small number of topics or deal with only one project at a time. A monthly program would give members more time to cover different subjects; two-month programs could focus on one project per meeting while still allowing at least two times each year when everyone could discuss issues that aren’t linked to any specific project or opportunity.
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Mastermind length