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Invitation only mastermind helping agency owners and consultants go from six to seven figures.
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mike88 1 Reviews
Favorite Mastermind I’ve been a part of!

I’ve been involved in a decent handful of masterminds over the years and Martini Mastermind is by far my favorite. Not just because it’s always a good time but becuase it’s so approachable and what I get out of it is super valuable. Sometimes masterminds can be intimidating because there are too many people, you feel outclassed or out of place, or maybe it feels too rigid.

Sarah has cracked the code on how to create an environment that allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable while still managing to produce a super effective mastermind. Her insights are based on a ton of experience and her questions help lead everyone to some pretty great brakthroughs and next steps. Sarah has been one of my go-to mentors for a lot of stuff over the years and she’s always been willing to help with a lot more than just a quick answer. She genuinely cares about the people she helps and I’m so privileged to call her a friend.

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chris76 1 Reviews
The Ultimate Mastermind for Savvy, Experienced (and fun!) Entrepreneurs and Legit Consultants

Martini Mastermind has been my best source of “entrepreneurial mojo” for the last 6 years. The group is comprised of super savvy marketers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Everyone there is experienced and has insightful, helpful feedback to provide during hotseats.

Sarah runs the group very effectively with the right balance of keeping things on track, and making adjustments to fit the needs of a particular session. She makes sure that everyone gets what they need out of each event and puts her all into making it successful in multiple ways. As the name suggests, it’s a group that’s meant to be both fun and productive. You don’t HAVE to drink to belong, but there definitely will be some drinking happening as soon as the last hot seat is done for the day! It’s great to be able to loosen up and get real with fellow entrepreneurs who all get each other. While everyone in the group has different businesses and specializations, there is one major common thread: we all LOVE marketing automation.

We love tapping into the power of different tools like Keap/Infusionsoft, Hubspot, or industry-specific marketing automation platforms like my own PracticeBoom for lawyers or for insurance agents (which was started by a couple of guys from the MasterMind and now has gone through two rounds of VC funding). This isn’t the mastermind for a bunch of brand-new life coaches who want to coach each other on how to coach others that want to coach….

This is the mastermind for people that are digging in and building real businesses. Nobody has ALL the answers, but everyone has SOME of the answers and some amazing insights to share. And that’s exactly the point of a mastermind, isn’t it?

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