What Should I Expect Out of a Mastermind Meeting?

What to expect
What to expect out of mastermind meetings and how to get the most out of them are great questions to ask yourself before investing in a meeting, as not all mastermind groups are created equal! So what should you expect from your mastermind group? Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your group, as well as some things to look out for when joining one.

Gather like-minded people

A mastermind group is simply a group of people with similar goals who meet regularly to keep each other accountable and encourage one another. A mastermind meeting is an official gathering, usually once per week or once per month, in which members share what they’ve been working on since their last meeting and check in on their progress. Meetings should be productive rather than social so that you make time for your real work.

Be open

At first, it can be nerve-wracking to air your business ideas in front of others, but think about it like practicing or rehearsing for an important meeting. Once you get used to it, you’ll start sharing what works and brainstorming new ideas with ease. Plus, by being open and sharing your business goals with like-minded people, you’ll receive fresh perspectives and encouragement that can help keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Determine your goals

Before you head into your first mastermind meeting, it’s important to have some idea of what you hope to get out of your time with these experts. Will they challenge your thinking and help you reframe problems in creative ways? Do you want them to offer feedback on an idea or project that is stalled or stuck in development phase? To make sure your expectations are reasonable, decide what success looks like at the end of each session.

Get valuable feedback

It’s not surprising that many successful entrepreneurs credit mastermind groups for their success. While mastermind meetings can provide you with valuable feedback and advice, there are ways to make sure your meetings are most effective and beneficial to you. Here are some tips for getting valuable feedback from your mastermind group

Watch your income go up

Perhaps you’ve been reading about mastermind groups and are wondering what they are. Or, maybe you’re part of one and want to know how to get more out of it. Either way, there are certain things that can be expected from joining a mastermind group and here is your go-to guide on what to expect from attending your next meeting.

It’s time well spent

When your business is new, everyone’s time is valuable—and it’s likely you don’t have many people who can meet on short notice to bounce ideas off of each other and get advice. You also probably don’t have a lot of money to spend on outside consulting. To overcome these challenges, start your own mastermind group! This gives you direct access to high-quality help without having to pay for it.
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